Trumpet Creeper

Campsis Radicans

Other Names: Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Creeper, Campsis Radicans, Trumpet VineTrumpet Creeper or Trumpet Vine is a native vine found throughout nearly the entire breeding range of the Ruby throated Hummingbird. This vine is robust and aggressive, and is best planted at the base of a fence or trellis where it can be trimmed back. Flowers occur on new growth each summer, from late May through mid-September in the Carolinas; the growing season is shorter to the north, slightly longer in the southern U.S. Trumpet Creeper blooms profusely in full sun, less so in partial shade.







Optimal Light Sun or partial shade
Drought Tolerance Medium
Growth Rate Fast
Mature Height to 40 ft
Mature Spread Variable
Salt Tolerance Low to none
Comments Orange/red flowers in the spring and summer