Planters Boxes

Heavy Duty

Our heavy duty wood planter boxes are made of premium 1 1/2" solid wood. Our planters are available in 24", 36" and 48" lengths and are all 12" wide and 10" high. Built to last for years of enjoyment.

24" Planter Box shown in Seafoam

Pots not included

36" Planter Box shown in Mountain Spruce
36" Planter Box shown in Cedar

48" Planter Box shown in Redwood

Pots not included

Our planters are made out of solid premium wood. They are available in various colors: Seafoam, Mountain Spruce, Cedar and Redwood. Custom colors available. Built to last for years of enjoyment!

Actual Box Dimensions L x W x H Price
24 x 12 x 10 $ 95.00
36 x 12 x 10 $110.00
48 x 12 x 10 $125.00
Custom Sizes Available Contact
Available in cedar, redwood, sea foam or mountain spruce. See color chart. Additional stains available.
We use Behr Premium Weatherproofing stain and sealer. Complete protection from the elements for up to 25 years.