The Trellis Company

Made by Hand, Not by a Factory

All things are not created equal. Our fine, handcrafted wood trellises with planter boxes stand apart and appeal to individuals who appreciate meticulous attention to detail. We use solid prime wood, precision joinery and premium wood stains.

Come explore our collection of fine handcrafted wood trellises. Each creation is hand finished and is carefully crafted to a level of quality unique in today’s marketplace.

Our trellises are available in a variety of different colors and sizes with additional accessories. Because they are handcrafted, we only produce a limited amount of trellises each year. Our trellises make a unique and elegant gift.

Benefits of owning a trellis planter box

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Trellis, Wood Trellis with planter box, handcrafted trellis


Trellis, Wood Trellis with planter box, handcrafted trellis

Trellises in 4 different Colors


Trellises with planter boxes made of premium solid wood grade and are built to last and endure the elements.