Cross Vine

Bignonia Capreolata

Cross Vine, Bignonia Capreolata, Trumpet Flower

The cross vine is a member of the Trumpet-Creeper Family. Its woody vines can climb well (up to 50 feet) due to the tendrils (modified leaves), which have claws at the tips, enabling the crossvine to cling to fences and walls without help.

In areas with mild winters the vine will keep its leaves during the winter, and is ready to continue growing and flower as soon as warmer weather arrives. This is a good characteristic for a vine which is planted to cover arbors and provide shade quickly.

The heavy spring blooms of the cross vine are its main attraction. The vines almost completely cover themselves with clusters of 2-inch, trumpet shaped flowers – attractive to hummingbirds – in various shades of yellow, buff-orange, brick and red.



Optimal Light Full Sun, Part Shade
Drought Tolerance High
Growth Rate Fast
Mature Height Variable
Mature Spread Variable
Salt Tolerance Medium
Comments Does best in full sun; will grow in partial shade but will produce fewer flowers