Algerian Ivy

Hedera Canariensis

Other Names: Canary Ivy

Trumpet Creeper, Campsis Radicans, Trumpet Vine

Algerian Ivy is one of the most versatile ivies available. It has larger leaves than a typical "English" ivy. It is more drought tolerant, bug resistant, and is more adaptable to warmer temperatures than its "English" counterpart. You will find Algerian ivy in deep green and green and white varigations. They grow well in outdoor summer plantings mixed with annuals.

Its large leaves and reddish stem lend it well to larger topiaries and trellis forms. 







Optimal Light Shade
Drought Tolerance Medium
Growth Rate Fast
Mature Height .5 to 1 ft
Mature Spread 1 - 6 ft
Salt Tolerance Medium
Comments Watch for aggressive spread to keep contained. No pest problems.